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Doll Hospital Admissions Guidelines

Doll Hospital Admissions

For Admission to the My Twinn Doll Hospital:

  • Fill out the My Twinn Doll Hospital Admissions Form provided for you in the envelope that came with your My Twinn Doll or download it here
  • Undress and wrap your My Twinn doll in plain white tissue. Do not use newsprint.
  • Send your undressed, tissue-wrapped My Twinn Doll in the original box (or any sturdy box), along with the My Twinn Doll Hospital Admissions Form.
  • Please ship the doll via insured mail or some other traceable method (i.e., FedEx or UPS). My Twinn is not responsible for dolls that are lost in transit.
  • Be sure to include your complete name, address, daytime phone, email address and credit card information for payment. Dolls returned from the Hospital are subject to a $12.95 shipping charge. Please enclose your Doll Hospital Admissions Form complete with credit card information (to cover the $12.95 shipping charge for your doll's trip home.)
  • Send to: My Twinn Doll Hospital Admission 100 My Twinn Lane Chatham, VA 24531

Caring for your Doll

General Doll Care

To care for your My Twinn Doll, we recommend using non-alcohol based baby wipes or a warm cloth to clean the vinyl. Unfortunately, ink does not come off the vinyl. You can wash the hair with a gentle shampoo but do not immerse the doll's face or body when doing this. If necessary, the hair can be dried with a blow dryer using the dryer's lowest setting. Anything hotter than the lowest setting tends to burn the doll's hair and eyelashes. Be careful to cover the doll's eyes when using a blow dryer, as the eyelashes easily singe. The hair can also be curled with a curling iron on a very low setting. Again, anything hotter than the lowest setting will likely burn your doll's hair.


Eyelashes are the most fragile part of the doll. Rubbing, pulling or heating can easily damage the lashes. Dolls should be sent to the Doll Hospital to have new lashes put on the doll. Because of the special lifelike quality of the eyes, we do not recommend you use glue to reapply the lashes. Any glue that touches the eye will cause clouding.

Doll Storage

The best way to store your doll would be to:

  • Completely undress your My Twinn doll.
  • Brush her hair neatly.
  • Clean her face and arms and legs.
  • Wrap her in White Tissue Paper.
  • Place her in her original box.
  • Using ribbon, secure her in the box.
  • Store her in a place that is cool and has low humidity.


Doll hair is easy to care for. Please use a brush just for the doll. A brush that has been used on human hair has acquired natural oils that can damage the doll’s hair. Be careful not to stretch the fibers in the doll’s hair when brushing.

When washing the doll’s hair use a gentle baby shampoo and conditioner. The hair can be blown dry and curled with a curling iron, both set on the lowest settings.

Please note that doll’s curly hair should not be brushed. The doll’s hair should only be combed when it is wet and with a pick or wide tooth comb that has not been used on human or animal hair. The doll should then be propped up on a chair with the hair hanging over the back to allow to air dry. The hair should return to its original curl.

Cosmetics on your doll

We recommend that you do not use cosmetics on My Twinn Dolls. Should cosmetics be used, we recommend a non-alcohol based baby wipe be used to clean the vinyl. If nail polish has been used on the dolls, we suggest using a non-acetone nail polish remover.

To download the Doll Hospital Care Guide please click Here.

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