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Experience the artistry of a My Twinn® doll!

Your custom My Twinn Doll is designed by artisans to create the doll of your child's dreams!

Just like me! Just like me!

Start by choosing from 5 skin tones and 9 eye colors.
Our artisans will create a beautiful likeness of your child
using My Twinn doll faces created by our master sculptors.

Just like me!
Look, her hair! Look, her hair!

Our professional stylists use the information about your child's
hair color, texture and length, that you provide when placing
your order, to style your doll's high end hair.

Look, her hair!
My freckles! My freckles!

Each doll comes with carefully hand-painted eyebrows,
cheeks and lips. At your request, our artisans will hand-
paint special details like freckles and birthmarks at no
additional cost!

My freckles!
We dress alike! We dress alike!

From pajamas to party dresses, matching My Twinn
outfits are durable...and adorable! Get your outfits
for any season, and any occasion!

We dress alike!

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